Studies and Reports

 Bike and Pedestrian Report


The Atlanta Regional Commission took a look at current walking and biking conditions throughout the Metro Atlanta area and put together a vision for what things could be in the future, should we choose to improve.

Bike and Pedestrian Action Plan

Based on findings in the Bike, Walk – Thrive! reports, this action plan lays out specific actions we can take to improve the experience of biking and walking in Metro Atlanta.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvement Plan


Cobb County released a report specifically laying out how Bike and Pedestrian infrastructure could be improved through infrastructure and policy recommendations. The report also looks at what corridors have latent bike and pedestrian demand.

Cobb County Housing Assessment


A housing report released by the Atlanta Region Commission that goes into depth on housing conditions in Cobb. The assessment not only includes data, but recommendations based on current conditions.

Cobb County Greenways & Trails Master Plan


This plan is the vision for what Cobb would like it’s trail network to be.

Cobb County Comprehensive Safety Action Plan


An analysis of the current level of safety (or lack thereof) on our streets and how we can fix it.