Help Us Build A Better Cobb


For All of Us

Join us in building a stronger, more resilient future for Cobb through increased mobility, accessible housing, and safe streets. We’re advocating for the thriving community we all deserve.

Be the Change You Want to See in Cobb County


The housing market is broken, and we’re all feeling the effects of it. This, in large part, is due to our restrictive zoning policies and ineffective land use. In order to allow our neighborhoods to grow, the next increment of development should be allowed, by right, in every neighborhood. 

Safe Streets

A good street is more than just a fantastic place to be. It’s a vital building block for a strong community, providing safe access for all – no matter the form of transportation. 


Getting people from place to place is a problem that every city has to deal with, but how we deal with it matters. A strong town should have efficient and diverse ways for people to get around, while also making our cities more productive.

Happening Now

May Bike Ride

The four of us met-up at a Kroger, along Whitlock. There was a bit of overcast, but no rain. We cycled up one of the only “bike lanes” in the city, along Polk, which was really a painted shoulder, for a short segment and not up to true bike lane standards. Having to...

Strong Towns National Gathering Recap

The following recap was provided by Beth Warren. The Strong Towns National Gathering was held May 14-15 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Over 500 attendees met to discuss ways to make our places more resilient, productive, and vibrant. There...